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Version DataChanges.exe.jar*
4.1.12019-08-211. Small changes in the lists of dialogs,
communities and files
4.12019-08-021. Confirmation of the user's email address during registration.
2. Fixed the creation of secret dialogs.
3. Fixed change of privileges to the group subscriber.
4.02019-07-211. Now communities and group chats are completely different, as it should be.
2. Full functionality for editing posts and community posts. You can delete
attached files or add them in the editing window.
3. VIP posts in the group. The community administrator himself chooses
which posts in the group to show only to subscribers with VIP status,
whom he gives them .. for example, for $$. So now it’s not necessary
to create a separate community with vip content
4. When you remove attachments to posts and community posts, files
from the server are deleted.
5. Updated appearance of the program.
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*To open the jar file on Mac OS and Linux need to install Java SE Runtime Environment.


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